If you want to know a little more about me, just look at my work.

Silly, right?  Cliche'?   No.   Do you see it?  It's the giggle right before a kiss when a couple is completely enamored with one another.  It's the stroke of a brow by a Mom who knows that child will no longer look or sound the same in just a few years. It's the tears welling up in the eyes of a Dad walking his daughter down the isle. I'm not looking for perfect smiles, I'm looking for the connection that makes you, you.  What I capture through my lens is what I think makes life beautiful. 

I am a Christian.
Everything, every person, every moment in my life has been gifted down through the Father Himself.  It's not just about what He's given me, although much. It's who He is.  He's everything. I could sit and talk forever about Him, but most importantly I hope to live my faith out loud.
I am a Bride to my childhood sweetheart.
We met when I was 9, and became fast friends.  25+ years of friendship mixed with 18 years of marriage, and He's still my favorite person. 
I am a Mom.
We have five kiddos and they make us laugh on a daily basis.  With our oldest in High School, two middle schoolers, a toddler, and a baby girl, there's always a story (or two) to tell.
I am a Friend.
Although we may not have met, "Clients" do not exist in my book. By the end of your photography experience, "Friend" is the word I hope you choose.
I am a Photographer.
Climax, Georgia is where we call home. Serving families of South Georgia, Tallahassee, and surrounding areas is truly a joy.

Get in those photos.  Be present in whatever stage of life you are in, and let's capture the beauty of everyday life together.

Andrea Zearing