AndreaZphotography: Blog en-us (C) AndreaZphotography (AndreaZphotography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT AndreaZphotography: Blog 80 120 Thomasville Georgia, Justin and Maranda Even the leaves fall for these two! 

Justin and Maranda, If you must be this cute at least you allow me to have the privilege of photographing your gorgeous selves!  Pippen is lucky to have you both. 

May your smiles continue to be real and your love continue to grow,


(AndreaZphotography) mini session thomasville Tue, 10 Oct 2017 20:33:30 GMT
Tallahassee Wedding, Varn Family Kind and warm are two words I immediately think of when describing this family. This not only began their life as a couple but the start of their family of three.  It was a pleasure to document your "American Wedding."  May all the love cliches be true, and your future be very very bright! 

All the Best,

(AndreaZphotography) Florida Tallahassee Wedding Sat, 01 Jul 2017 03:12:22 GMT
First Presbyterian Church, John Jesse Carey Service Celebrating life does not just mean celebrating the joys of life.  Sometimes it means finding the joy in the midst of suffering, pain, and heartache.

On this day I was asked to photograph a celebration of life service. There were tears, but more importantly there was love.  Love for a life who taught them much, and loved them dearly.  As I listened to his daughters talk about their Dad, tears began to fall.  You could feel the love and see the joy as they reflected on their memories, even in the midst of sadness.

It was an honor to document this day and to celebrate a life adored by many.

John Jesse Carey 1931-2017

All the Best,

Venue: First Presbyterian Church, Tallahassee Florida
Officiants: Robert Spivey and Pastor Brant Copeland

(AndreaZphotography) Tallahassee Tue, 13 Jun 2017 19:10:08 GMT
Los Robles Woman's Club, Chad and Michelle A chance encounter at a beach in Florida was the start of this love story. If they only would have known what that simple meeting would become!

Their wedding day could not have been more beautiful.  Not a shower in sight, a beautiful Spring afternoon, and two people more than ready to begin their lives as Mr. and Mrs. 

I wish you all the best, Chad and Michelle.  It was a pleasure to photograph the start of your life together.

All the best,

Hotel: Double Tree by Hilton
Venue: Woman's Club of Tallahssee
Planner: John Gandy
Florist/Designer: Darin Jones
Catering: Soiree Catering
Bartending: On The Rocks
Videography: Jonathan Thorpe, Optic Rev Motion Pictures
DJ: James Scully
Hair: Colleen Morgan
Make Up: Tiffany at MAC


(AndreaZphotography) Double Tallahassee Tree Wedding Sat, 25 Mar 2017 04:59:52 GMT
First Baptist Church Jacksonville Florida-Nathan and Bekah Not only was this my first wedding back after having our (very) newborn son, but it was my baby brothers special day. 
I watched the Lord put these two people together, and got cold chills when hearing about how it all took place. 

Nathan, we have always said the Lord would send you the perfect person, but we had no idea how perfect she truly was for you. 
Bekah, getting to know you has been a joy.  I've gained a sister and someone who I have no doubt makes my brother happy.  You are kind.  You are crazy talented.  You are smart, and have turned my brother into mush.  :)

Love you both, and wish you many many happy days ahead.

(AndreaZphotography) Thu, 12 Jan 2017 04:50:04 GMT
Arkansas Michael and Jenna With crackers and water in tow, my sister and I, both expecting, headed to Arkansas for her childhood best friend's special day.  I've known Jenna and her sweet family since she was just a little kid, and it was so sweet to see her and Michael begin this new phase of life. 

There's something special about the view behind the lens.  It's a backstage pass to quietly view the emotion in the room throughout the day and document what happens right in front of you.  With families such as these, all the love, the euphoria, how can I not feel privileged to be a small part?

‚ÄčLots of love Jenna, Michael, and family!


(AndreaZphotography) Arkansas Wedding wedding Fri, 27 May 2016 01:13:53 GMT
Kayla and Chris What better time to find a beautiful Georgia pecan orchard then smack dab in the middle of Spring?  We had the property to ourselves and lots of time to get to know each other before their December, 2016 wedding.  It was a pleasure Kayla and Chris!  Looking forward to the end of the year with you two!




(AndreaZphotography) Thu, 12 May 2016 23:06:44 GMT
Sundown Plantation, Moultrie GA, Libby and Davis A Facetime call would be my first encounter in meeting this beautiful Bride. She lived out of State, and was busy working the pediatric floor with exhausting hours. I thoroughly enjoyed our consultShe was down to earth, and felt as though I was speaking to a friend. We wrapped up, she booked, and we looked forward to a December wedding.  
A few months later I received a difficult email. Her Dad would not make it much longer. They decided upon a quaint ceremony with just a few family members and a chance for her Dad to walk her down the isle...and that he did. Standing behind the camera I could feel the love and emotion shared, and once again, fell in love with my job.   
The December wedding went on. It was beautiful. Her Brother stood in where her Dad could not be. Her mom was strong.  Libby, a joy as always, and Davis, as kind as he is funny.  
Each family has a way of leaving imprints on my heart. Hopefully these photographs can do the same for them. 
I would say, "Libby and Davis, I wish you luck", but there is no need for luck when love is so clearly evident.  
All the Best, 


Catering: Jeanie Bracey

Band: Tanner’s Lane


Florist: Walden’s Flower Shop

Cake Decorator: Allison Glover

Bistro Light rental: Lights, Camera, Action of Moultrie



(AndreaZphotography) Georgia Plantation Sundown Wedding Mon, 01 Feb 2016 02:23:35 GMT
Lake Iamonia Lodge My favorite time to photograph is in the moments no one seems to be watching.  Not only during a kiss, but the few seconds after as they laugh with each other or go in for a second smooch just because they can't help themselves.  You can tell a lot about a couple in those moments.  Megan and Forrest, you two are the real deal.  The laughs, sweet kisses, and kindness to others warmed my heart.

Best wishes for a happily ever after,


Wedding Planner-Kathy Bishop and Martha Fowler
Ceremony Venue-Bradfordville First Baptist Church
Reception Venue-Lake Iamonia Lodge

Florist- Flowers and More
Hair/makeup- Cile Thornton and Jamie Boyd




(AndreaZphotography) Lake Iamonia Lodge Wedding Wed, 16 Dec 2015 19:22:53 GMT
Mr. and Mrs. be my Valentine They met in a grocery store checkout line.  She soon found out he was checking more out than just food. :) He made the move and the rest was history. 

Enjoy your new life together as Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding Coordinator: Dent Ward
Hair/Makeup: Julie Genovear
Catering: Pam Howell with Whigham Diner
DJ: Jim Eppes
Florist: Suzanne Miller
Cake: Dwalla Harrell
Venue: Shiloh Farm 


(AndreaZphotography) Farm Shiloh Tallahassee Wedding Sun, 20 Sep 2015 00:08:35 GMT
A beautiful day in Lichgate, Tallahassee Florida A sunny day with a cool crisp breeze, it could not have been a prettier day at with a sweeter couple.  Something just as lovely was shooting for the uber talented Tina Sargeant with Tina Sargeant Photography.  Have a peek at some of the pretties of the day!  Just look at that dress...


(AndreaZphotography) Florida Lichgate Tallahassee Wedding Fri, 26 Jun 2015 01:33:56 GMT
Bradley's Pond Engagement Session, Forrest and Megan From the moment I met Megan at her Bridal consultation, I knew she had a special love.  Just over the past few months I have fallen in love with their charming selves!    She exudes warmth, and spunk, and he, strength, and humor.  Put together, I have no doubt these two will touch many lives.  Thrilled to be a part of your November wedding!


(AndreaZphotography) Fri, 12 Jun 2015 17:33:14 GMT
Kellee and Andrew Engagement Session This couple!  They have no clue how cute they really are.  Love was in the air for sure!
We headed to the beautiful Maclay Gardens to snap some shots, and they barely noticed I was there. :)

 I think you can tell by theses photographs, they enjoy each others company.   

Kellee, and Andrew, they say Happiness is being married to your Best Friend.  I agree, and a few months from now, I believe you'll say the same.

Looking forward to your August wedding!


(AndreaZphotography) Engagement Maclay Gardens Thu, 30 Apr 2015 21:09:10 GMT
The Diagnosis



My heart is full as I type. So many emotions to sort though. Do I just blurt it out?  Do I keep it to our “inner circle” of friends and family? What is best for her? Will she read these words I type, when she is grown? What will her life look like in five years? What will her life look like in fifteen? What is the next step?


Her world seems okay. She seems untarnished. No labels attached. How can we keep this creative mind, this free, uninhabited soul from viewing herself as different?  The bad different. That red hair, spunk for miles, and freckles dancing across her cheeks...that is a good different.


"You are unique, Mackenzie,” we tell her.  "When others zig, you zag," we lovingly laugh with her.  "God has made you special,” we kiss her head and say.


Will this diagnoses alter the way she views herself? It feels safer to tuck it under a rug and move about as if nothing is out of the ordinary. When others interact with her, we carefully maneuver them around an obstacle, thinking they don't notice....but they do. No amount of bubble wrap or side-stepping is helping. It is beyond us. This isn't about us. This isn't about them. This is about her. She deserves the best parenting we can give. She deserves to have an understanding of herself. She deserves to be okay with the way God has made her mind. It will be okay. It is okay.


"I will always remember Mackenzie,” her doctor says, chuckling, as she skips out of his office.  If we only had a dollar for every time someone has said that! This was on the last day of testing for Miss Mackenzie Paige. We knew nothing. We were told it was best for her to see him by herself. This was hard. I had to fight every Momma bear emotion within my very short, 5 foot 1 frame. I would not be telling the truth if I said there weren’t some ears pressed closely to his door throughout the process. It wasn't a lack of trust; he was wonderful. Doctor visits usually mean meltdowns in our world, but he passed the test. She loved him, and he was kind.  


Then we headed back, just Ryan and myself, to our last appointment. Ryan seemed to be handling everything like a champ. He is the epitome of wonderful, and a go-with-the-flow-er. I, on the other hand, felt vulnerable, and not quite ready for whatever I was going to hear. We tried to talk about random, fun things; he held my hand as we drove. There was an unsaid understanding. We just went on.  


The doctor called us back to his office, we sat, and he began. "Here are the results of the IQ test,” he said. IQ test? I thought we were here to test for autism? This was not in my research.  


Admittedly, I had not been able to find much in my hours of research.  I knew there had to be sample tests, or videos on parents who were going through the same ordeal, but I couldn't find exactly what I needed.  The tests I had found were for younger kids; she is 7.  We were past the baby stage, and her "symptoms" were milder. The other videos were for kids who were post-diagnosis.


After what seemed like a massive wave of helpful information, the doctor said, "These findings would indicate a learning disability of some kind."  What? Again, mayday.  I knew she struggled to read.  Her pace is not the same as her siblings’, but we work on it.  She is reading… slowly, but reading.  She is intelligent; in fact, the way her mind works fascinates me.  She doesn't just think outside of the box, she makes her own box.  "Try not to compare,” I was always told. “Every child is different, they have their own pace.  She is making progress.”


To hear "learning disability" was disconcerting, yet understandable.  "So, how does this relate to autism?  Do her scores not indicate autism, but a learning disability?"  This is simple, I thought.  We'll take care of that.  I already had a plan in motion along with people to call and books to read.  It was as though my mind thought 27 questions and 32 proactive plans ahead, in the space of his speaking.  On it, I thought.  But there was more.


He began to show us all the testing results from several of us who deal personally with Mackenzie. It was shocking to me.  The scores, although independently done, were all very similar.  The behavior I was seeing as her mom and teacher were not just being seen through my eyes.  The rug had been pulled back, and everyone saw all along.  


Yes, she has autism.  "ASD" is what it is called, short for, "Autism Spectrum Disorder." Her particular autism was previously called "Asperger’s."  


There were not tears.  There was quiet relief.  Relief may seem like an odd word, but that is exactly what was felt. No more wondering what is going on.  No more guilt from side-stepping to avert a meltdown.  No more invisible bubble wrap trying to keep her away from a potential verbal nightmare… just an understanding of why, and confirmation of what we had felt all along. Most importantly, we can move from the "why" to the "solutions."  There is no cure, per se, but there are many helps. Answers to questions feel good. A plan in action feels good. Hearing from other doctors, moms, and specialists who say, "It's okay...she is okay," feels good.    


Why are we making this public knowledge?  


1. For her benefit.  

We refuse to allow this to be a negative in our home.  It has its challenges, and we are learning more each day of what those look like.  However, ASD will not be a word that is whispered, as a secret which no one should know.  There is a connotation of shame in secrets, and we have no shame in this diagnosis.  It is what it is. We will feel a sense of accomplishment when she will be able to say, "I have autism," without shame. Not as a crutch for bad behavior, but as a tool of understanding, and eventually help for others.


2. To be Transparent.

My husband is a pastor.  There is an all too common thread that we have seen with those in be quiet. Suffer in silence.  Keep your personal lives personal.  We feel it is vital to see highs and lows of others’ lives.  There are lessons in the struggles.  Do we not see both in the lives of Biblical characters?  David fought Goliath and was king over a nation, but yet sinned with Bathsheba.  Job was a very blessed man, but in an instant his life was altered by the killing of his family and loss of possessions… yet he remained faithful.  We do not see Job "keeping quiet."  We see pain, and questioning, and yet faithfulness to the Lord.


3. Because the Lord knows what He is doing.

When we tell her, "God has made you exactly how He wants you, and He loves you," we mean it.  Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee;"  He formed every bone of her stocky build.  He placed that inquisitive mind in her very being.  He loves her more than we do.  That seems unfathomable.  We were gifted her.  She is on loan.  We are in this together.  Autism does not define her… she will define it.


(AndreaZphotography) ASD Autism Tallahassee Tue, 31 Mar 2015 06:51:13 GMT
Heath & Katelyn Wedding What a beautiful season for a beautiful wedding!  
I had the privilege of second shooting for the talented Amanda Clark, with Amanda Clark Photography, just a few weeks back.  Here's a sneak peek of some of the prettiness of the day.  

(AndreaZphotography) Florida Perry Wedding Mon, 24 Nov 2014 22:38:14 GMT
The Bradley's Happily Ever After These gorgeous college sweethearts were a dream to photograph!  Take a look at their beautiful wedding day, November 1, 2014.  May the honeymoon never end!  

(AndreaZphotography) Florida Quincy Wedding Fri, 14 Nov 2014 01:41:12 GMT
Paisley Laine Birth Story After months of waiting, praying, and Target shopping, My Niece, Miss Paisley White, has been born! Here's a peek of Paisley's first Birthday Party...We are so proud!



(AndreaZphotography) BecomingAuntieAndrea Birth Lifestyle Maternity story Tue, 12 Aug 2014 00:44:13 GMT
She said yes!      Secret texts, hiding around corners, lurking in the bushes at Hotel Duval...this was a fun session!  It went down seamlessly and I couldn't be happier for them.  She said yes!            

(AndreaZphotography) Duval Engagement Hotel Sat, 31 May 2014 03:12:08 GMT
Becoming Auntie Andrea It's hard to believe my once, "Baby Sister," is not only married, but preparing for her own baby girl.  What better way to soak up the now then to grab my camera and have at it!  Erica and Jake, be forewarned, this precious baby will have anything she wants.  Anything.  Just ask Auntie Andrea.

(AndreaZphotography) BecomingAuntieAndrea Maternity Southwood Wed, 28 May 2014 03:00:25 GMT
Lighthouse Seniors Just a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph two Seniors from one of my favorite groups of people, the Lighthouse girls.  The Lighthouse Children's Home, located here in Tallahassee, Florida, is a ministry near and dear to my heart.  We're so proud of these two young ladies and all they have accomplished.  If their GPA is any indication of how their future will be, it's looking bright! 
For more information on this needed ministry head over to  

(AndreaZphotography) Lighthouse Children's Home Maclay Gardens Senior photos Wed, 23 Apr 2014 12:36:54 GMT
Hello world! Pardon our dust... The time is here!  Our very first blog post!  
What better way to begin then with a beautiful Georgia Spring wedding?. 
I so enjoyed second shooting for Courtney Gwaltney with Courtney Michelle Photography this past week. I can not say enough good about her.  Take a look below and then head over to to see her exquisite work.

(AndreaZphotography) Cairo Country Club Georgia Wedding Weddings Wed, 16 Apr 2014 03:13:41 GMT